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Build password-protected areas and control access to them.

You may wish to restrict access to part of your website, allowing entry only to members of your organization, or in return for personal information provided by a visitor. The Site Members function can accommodate both types of restriction:

  • A Private area is restricted to users on a list you create. You will communicate usernames and passwords to members after you add them to the list. The Site Manager username and password are automatically included in this list.
  • A Semi-Private area permits members of a predefined group to register, but only if they can provide identification information to prove who they are. For example, you upload a list of employee last names and employee ID numbers. Then employees can join the group, but only after supplying a valid last name/ID combination. Members supply their own usernames and passwords.
  • A Public area will allow any site visitor to register for access after providing certain information. You determine what information must be furnished.
  • A website may have multiple protected areas, and multiple groups of authorized users.
(Site Members Area available with Express and Pro plans)

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